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You are Just
Four Steps Away

04 Steps

01. Scan QR
Scan the WhatsApp Web QR Code to Pair Your WhatsApp.
02. Import Phone Numbers
Import numbers from any of your existing file such as Excel, TXT Etc. You can even copy-paste numbers.
03. Create Message
Type your message in the message box which you want to send for bulk WhatsApp marketing.
04. Send Message
Click on "Send" to "bulk WhatsApp" your message to the numbers you selected.

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with
Smarter SMS Campaigns, Instant OTPs,
Notifications, Two-Way Interactions.

Global compliance
Engaged in international communication business for Many years, familiar with laws and regulations of Indian Operators.
Reach within 5 seconds
Dedicated to the deployment of global nodes to ensure access speed, dedicated lines cover up to 70 countries and regions
Higt reaching rate
Supports technologies such as large capacity and high concurrency and network architecture, to ensure reaching rate
Security privacy
The platform supports HTTPS/SSL interconnection for encrypted transmission to ensure customer data security.
Ensure safety
Sensitive operations are confirmed and authenticated to reduce malicious operations by illegal users and ensure account security.
Firewall Advancement
Enhancing the strength and security of firewalls to protect online data from malicious sources.
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No Approval
You don't need to take approval from WhatsApp or wait to get started.
Use Existing Number
No need to change your existing business number.
No Per Message Charges
You don't need to pay per message charges a flat monthly or yearly charges.
No Destination Based Charges
You can send messages to any country without paying any extra charges.
Go LIVE in 10 Minutes
You can complete the integration and GO LIVE within 10 minutes.
No Dependencies
Ability to pair WhatsApp installed in any phone and can use the physical phone normally.